Systematic Services: Virtual Offices, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Business Support Services in Birmingham, AL

Payroll Processing

Systematic Services can handle all of your payroll processing and prepare your information for tax purposes. Our services include Payroll by Pay Period, Monthly Processing, Year End/W2 Processing. All Payroll taxes can be withdrawn from your bank on a monthly basis. We calculate and prepare your Federal Tax Deposit.

  • Payroll by Pay Period

    • Payroll Checks and/or Direct Deposit
    • Employee Earnings Statements
    • Payroll Journal
    • Client Timesheet
    • Payroll Deduction Register

      (We will contact you each pay period for report of payroll hours and personnel changes in order to prepare the following information)
  • Monthly Processing

    • 941 Quarterly Return
    • State Unemployment Insurance Return
    • State Quarterly Wage Return
    • Local tax requirements where applicable
    • Detailed Employee Earnings Ledgers
    • Copies of all reports for your records
  • Year End/W2 Processing

    • Employee Federal and State W-2's
    • W-3 Recap of Federal Witholding
    • 940 Federal Unemployment Insurance Return
    • State and Local Reconciliations